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Solved & Confirmed 0.11.1 - Attacking one of my creatures triggers all of my creatures to attack enemy
Each time any of my creature is being attacked by enemy unit that attack triggers all my creatures to move towards this enemy, even if the enemy is half of the map away from my Dungeon and I didn't order (i.e. by sending there a Rally Flag) anyone to attack this enemy.

It seems that if any of my Imp is being attacked my creatures are not rushing for enemy, but if enemy is attacking my Rouge all my other creatures are going to kill the attacker. The same happens for all other creatures except Imps. Maybe if creatures were limited to react for attacking enemy only in certain range away from them or when Dark Mother is being attacked and not above that range I would not need to worry of having my creatures going for killing spree pilgrimage. :v

EDIT: I would like to add that creatures when are in pursuit of killing enemies they don't let them escape, they don't stop that pursuit and back to dungeon. You know, in a fight with other tribe, going too far from my tribe would get me into a trap and so in Dwelvers that pursuit doesn't end well for my creatures.
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