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Solved & Confirmed 0.11.2 BT - Pathfinding issue on surface world with many portals close to each other
Solved with the next version!

The issue was that if another portal that wasn't closest to the rally flag was closer to the creatures than the other portal, then the creature decent into the that one because it had a higher job priority.
So if portal "A" has a distance 10 to the rally flag, and portal "B" has a distance 15 to the rally flag and distance 5 to portal "A".
* Then the creatures will use portal "A" to reach the surface.
* And on the surface they will prioritize jobs depending on distance.
- Portal "A" has distance 0 from the creature, but it is disabled because it is the one closest to the rally flag.
- Portal "B" has distance 5 from the creature and it is NOT disabled.
- Rally flag has distance 10.
* So the creatures will goto Portal "B" as it has the closest distance.
* And when they are in the dungeon they will goto portal "A" and around it goes.
It was not just a matter of changing the priority because if the rally flag moves to a location that makes portal "B" closer to it, then I want the creatures that are on the surface to go down to the dungeon through portal "A" and then back to the surface through portal "B".
So what I did was that I blocked portal "B" if the creatures were closer to portal "A" that than to portal "B".

Solved with the next version!

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