My New Idea Game Conditions - Influence or Supremacy victory conditions
(07-12-2017, 01:48 AM)lemonrev Wrote: I like this, I know right now that the game has say only one faction that being the overworld, But saying that What if say every portal led to a new overworld that makes you uncover and over run ?.

A new overworld, you mean an additional map or instance? I know Dungeons 2 have some locations that are available only from entrances placed in surface world that leads to hidden dungeon locations and that are not showing on normal game map like they were located behind map boundaries. Still that could be quite surprising, you think with portal you've just found you can go closer to enemy dungeon, but it appears this portal leads to a one big catacomb on scary monsters. Big Grin

(07-12-2017, 01:48 AM)lemonrev Wrote: Those then could be used for the factions, And if you attack too many portals IE the factions then you will start to make everyone unhappy and the more enemy's will turn up to over run your dungeon ?.

I think the influence could also be done by taking down portals ?...
Sounds like fun Smile and would make the game last a heck of a lot longer Smile

Claiming portals could also give some influence, good idea. Also if it comes to dealing with factions in their special locations supremacy players could get benefit from that because they could conquer them without feeling any remorse, influence players would lose that influence a little unless they make good relations with those factions, so their influence may even increase I think.

(07-12-2017, 01:48 AM)lemonrev Wrote: But im also wondering if those factions you take over earlier have to help you because you have become there overlord ?

I wonder if there will be any factions in the game besides Dark Mother minions and humans, it depends on team, but I imagine factions as small groups of different creatures or humans that are neutral to conflict of Dark Mother players and human kingdom or against them both, they just do businesses or organize to fight with their enemies, even if that means joining the player to fight for both causes. Maybe also later in campaign, if you conquer or ally some factions they could serve you in later levels even from the beginning of level?

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