Dwelvers Journal 2018.01.07 - Dwelvers 0.11.18 is now released
Yeah, I've checked them out. But right now I need to focus on getting the level editor implemented with campaigns, and before I do that I will just focus on the most important problems in the game right now which I think are:
  • Making a bigger distinction on what creatures are player creatures and human creatures.
  • New way to produce creatures, I think the player has way to little control over the creature production at this time.
  • Fix the creature equipment menu. I think I will stay with just having body + left hand + right hand equipable, the current system that we have first, second and third prio equipment is ok by me. But what needs to change is the UI part on how the player control what equipment each creature should have. Personally I think we can get rid of the single creature equipment option as I don't think this one is used that much and just keep with the creature type equipment.
  • Creating a Cyclotaur room (based on the cyclotaur maze graphics).
  • Give room menus a new design.
  • Move all localizations to one xml file so that it will be easier for future translations in the game.
These are not set in stone. But as I find these tasks to be the most urgent and must have before the level editor I will focus on these.
I will soon make threads about each one explaining my ideas. The one that I have the biggest problem figuring out is the creature equipment menu, so if anyone has any ideas on how to simplify this UI, please let me know Smile

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