Dwelvers Journal 2018.01.07 - Dwelvers 0.11.18 is now released
Hi all!

Dwelvers v0.11.19 bug fix version is now released Big Grin
I've been spending some time these two weeks hunting memory leaks and fixing bugs. The memory management in the game has also been improved which may give some of you a performance boost.

My hope is that this version will take care of the unexplained crashes that has happened to some of you. I've also taken some safety measures just in case the crashes hasn't been solved. This is by adding a proper error handler that will generate a crash dump file and send it to Dwelvers server so that I can locate and fix the most critical bugs asap.

These are the bugs fixed in this version
What's next?
Now I've reached the point where I will focus only on the level editor, and hopefully we will see the first campaign level within a week or two Smile I know there may be other stuff in the game that needs more polish, but I feel like we need to move forward and introducing a campaign is something that definitely will take this game to the next step!

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