Dwelvers Journal 2018.02.09 - Dwelvers v0.12.0.0 released
Everything looks way better. Game has improved significantly since January, especially UI and graphics. Especially like the changes you've made with creature spawning and that the Rogue joined the evil side permanently (and lol Trading Room is spawning it). Great job DR team!

EDIT: Just wondered why icon for creature menu was changed? I thought for a first time that it's something Cyclotaur-related. :v

Also I wondered - if I create a map why it appears in AppData folder? Couldn't it just appear in Dwelvers Media/Maps instead, so I wouldn't need to copy and paste my map from there? What if I want to save many times my map, will I need to copy my map each time I want to test new version of it and paste a map stored in AppData?

Oh and why Georgia instead of Tahoma? Do you guys fell it's more readable than Tahoma?
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