Dwelvers Journal 2018.02.09 - Dwelvers v0.12.0.0 released
Hmm, that's right. I will probably make it so that human characters can't be spawned by the player. At least not in the way that it used to be. We will also change the way the Dark Mother feeding bonus work. But we don't have all the kegs figured out yet unfortunately...

I'm not that worried about that the version was released to soon, it's alpha, and we had a lot of new features in this version. So I was expecting a lot of bugs, and as none has been game breaking so far I pretty okay with it. I will release a bug fix version next week.

I know I should clean up the bugs before releasing each version, but in this case I was under some time pressure to release the version because this week I wouldn't be able too. So if I hadn't released it on Saturday it wouldn't have been until the next week, and I wanted to get the translation going Smile

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