Feedback/Modification I & S - Forcing game to assign creature to do task I want immediatelly
(27-03-2018, 02:43 PM)Rasmus Wrote: Hmm, I don't want to be able to pick up creatures. But perhaps we could select active jobs and be able to click "prioritize" somehow.

What I meant by "pick up" is that some tasks really are needed to do ASAP and it would be a great improvement if game could choose/pick up/assign a worker or workers to do a task that I need ASAP like building a room or a trap. Definitely if it's only the matter of prioritization, so the game could stop any Imp to do further jobs (with lower priority like digging) and assign it to do what I need for ASAP (like building a trap which would have higher priority than digging), than in the end players will be able develop their dungeons really fast. Also this way we will never make our creatures wait for their needs to be satisfied (because we can answer for their needs building immediately what they need). Smile We also won't need to deselect tiles to dig to force Imps to stop digging and than make traps or rooms for us, which otherwise they would build only if they finish digging all previously selected tiles, like in current version of the game.
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