2018.08.06 - New upcoming campaigns and game mechanics
No more need to decrease/increase unit numbers of trade item to zero. I wondered that what if could replace windowed menus with information given on bottom panel, like in most RTS games (creature menu would look like in Warcraft 3 bottom panel)?

Any chance to improve workers AI? I read that you want to spawn more Imps, but there are still issues with tasks I want my workers to do immediatelly - so, I may have solution --> we can command a creature after clicking on one (that makes that creature selected and you can see a white border appear on it) to move on specific point of the map right? What if we could assign any creature that could do task we want to do it right now leaving all tasks as secondary? Than with pressing Shift button we could assign more and more of them to make in order. So for exampel if we want an Imp or two to do a task to build two Piggeh beds than clicking on these beds construcion blueprints we could make these two Imps share their taks on half and make them build those Piggehs beds.

Also if we have menus for rooms does it mean the radial menu will be removed from the game? Sad
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