2018.08.06 - New upcoming campaigns and game mechanics
I thank you for allowing me to be part of this great game Wink  and for my comments to be read and taken into account to improve this excellent game  Cool

for the moment I leave my ideas and points of view that may help a lot Smile ::

1.- the interaction of the priority of work of the imps the rouge (sometimes there is work to be done but they do not skip it, ignore it or simply do not do it, these being the following actions in the task list but they first do als ultiams in the list )
2.- to have a direct view of the actions or resources needed to create a new creature or a new group of these
3.- have the possibility of having rivalry with other non-creatable creatures that appear in saloon mode on the map that groups can create to attack the dark mother
4.- have a greater diversity of creatures more than the existing ones with different abilities for the player but the player
5.-to have an increase of nivoe of the creatures and with it actions or more complex constructions to have that level since the current max level does not help much since the humanso appear with a lvl 6 and make attacks that kill the creatures of 7 creatures and that does not help much to create more of that or other
6.-the storage is something rare, since everything is accumulated in one place and the materials of different things are stirred and not appreciated at each table, also being able to add a counter of items that can be placed on each table to know when you have to build another one
7.- have the option of exchanging the items you need or want to have in my store for items you need and determine when or which exchange table negotiates with a specific item since they all exchange the same item at the same time and that is very time consuming

I hope that my ideas will serve as something to improve the game, and I would also like to know when we can have one more update of this excellent game, I know it is not the final one but it is good to have a preview of its improvement before the final term  Angel

regards... Tongue

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