Rasmus here!
Haha, well.. My days ain't normal, I can tell you that.. Before I started on the game I worked nights from 6pm to 6am for seven years, so therefore my day rhythm is totally upside down. So therefore I can't tell you when I'm going to be online and answering post next, because even I don't know Smile
Well, I usually have an eye on the forum during my waking hours, but often I choose not to answer directly because I'm working on the game and don't want to be too distracted (sorry Sad). But I do check it as often as I can and I try to answer within 12 hours, unless it is something urgent, then I answer as soon as I see it Smile
I don't know how the forum logs me to be honest, sometimes I have the forum site open and logged in even if I'm doing something else, I don't know if it still shows me as active even if don't do anything on the forum. So it can be a little bit tricky Tongue

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