My New Idea Room Idea - Arck Foundry
Doh, I paste old scheme, now the whole idea has been updated.

If it comes to level. These creatures could be made rather in later game. They needs Managnetite that can be dig out only by upgraded Imp pickaxes. Maybe we could make them strong as Golem's are, but each next level won't give them as much power as it gives to normal creatures? So that for example would be possible:
1st level of Cyclotaur could be weaker than for example Iron and Magma Golem, but after level 7-8 he will be stronger than Golems. I think if we would make resources needed for creating Golems very rare, we wouldn't need any limitations? I know that they don't need food and sleep, so that make them a little overpowered with their powers, but what about mentioned levelling up differences? They could be even harder to train them, they could get experience only from battles.
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