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I Challenge You! Tricky's Challenge - Accepted
Dear Mr. Tricky, you recently bet me that I would be unable to accumulate and store more fish than you. I accepted that challenge over here. Well sir, I have beaten your challenge. I was lucky enough to have my very next game generate a fairly large lake full of fish. There are over twenty fishing spots and I am draining them all.
[Image: eq7_zqBbgAVW0U6kRQoatDkOxCmc9xnjuzkuGupT...-h207-p-no]

That pic was about four and a half hours into the game. I played for a little over nine hours. I know it was nine hours because I just posted the crash info in another forum. Here was the result I last obtained before the crash (I was closing in on 10k fish).
[Image: 8503+fish.png]

I can gather more very easily if this doesn't break your record. Honestly, I ran out of wood from making tables at one point. The game is getting soooo laggy that reaching my goal of 25k fish seems a little un-fun right now.
[insert witty text here]

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