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My New Idea Creature Idea - Croclodyte

A Croclodyte is a hybrid of a crocodile and a troglodyte. They are primitive humanoids that live underground near water. They use simple stone tools and weapons. Their most popular weapon is a stone tipped wooden spear. This helps with both defense and fishing.

Croclodytes view their pond as sacred and are incredibly territorial when it comes to water. When an enemy is sighted they will cry out to others and attack in as large a group as possible.

Croclodytes possess no language and communicate through reptilian sounding growls and hisses.

While they spend most of their time in or near the water, they prefer to sleep in simple huts constructed of mud and stones. A large camp of croclodytes may be identified by the presence of these mud huts.

They view all outsiders of the tribe as food. Croclodytes will attempt to drag any slain creatures back to their camp and cook them in a giant boiling pot.


They would look like a troglodyte with a large, toothy crocodile mouth.
[Image: troglodytes.jpg]
This pic is from Heroes of Might and Magic IV and does not include the crocodile mouth.

They walk hunched over and low to the ground. It would appear as though their head is too large and heavy to stand upright. When running they would hold the spear above their heads in one hand and use the other hand to sort of scoot along.

Highlight: Hostile underground creature that lives near water and will defend its territory in large groups.
Acquired By: Neutral Underground
Cost: n/a
Attack Form: Melee with long reach (2 handed spear) and a close range bite attack
Weapon: Stone tipped wooden spear and a bite attack
Armor:Nothing more than its scaly hide
Attack Power: Above Low
Defense: Above Low
Health Points: Moderate
Attack Speed: Moderate
Movement Speed: Moderate (can swim with no speed penalty)
Resistances: wet hide makes them mildly resistant to fire
Job: Defending territory
Entertainment: Eating fish

Passive Abilities:
(P1) Long Spear - The spear allows the croclodyte to attack at a longer melee range. A second row of croclodytes can safely attack through the first row. Their damage may be weak individually, but if a large group of them clump together this allows them to deal significant damage. This also makes them more dangerous in narrow passages.

Active Abilities:
(A1) Bite Attack - Stronger attack with a cooldown. Mostly just for flavor. Could have a secondary effect like a stun or bleed.
(A2) For the Pond! - When an enemy is sighted, the croclodyte calls out to its allies for aide. This ability can quickly bring an entire force of croclodytes to a cave breach. Limited only by a short cooldown.

(S1) Strength in Numbers - Mud huts automatically replace fallen croclodytes. The player must mine out/destroy the mud huts to completely remove the croclodyte threat. For each fish tile created on world gen, a mud hut is created nearby. Each mud hut supports 5 croclodytes. Spawning replacement croclodytes takes 1 minute and has a 1 minute cooldown. This means 2 minutes between each croclodyte spawn, with a delay of 1 minute before the first spawn.

(S2) Hunger - If an enemy to the tribe is knocked unconscious on an unclaimed tile within X tiles of the mud hut, a croclodyte will attempt to drag the victim back to the hut to be eaten by the tribe.

The presence of croclodytes, especially with the Strength in Numbers special, serves to make fish more than just "free food."

EDIT: Added 2 Special abilities and "For the Pond!."
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