My New Idea Room Ideas - Buildings for Metalworks Room/Workshop
(30-03-2014, 06:40 PM)Rasmus Wrote: Then we have this new plant to make rope of, the rope could be used for bows and all kind of armours, the question is if maybe we could make the rope in the farm room, being able to farm a plant that could work as rope directly?

You could just allow Antroots to produce not just the wheat-like component, but also when harvested you would get the stalk which would then be used to make rope just like what is done with Hemp. Having a general 'Workshop Room' could be one option, and then depending on what workbenches you place would determine its functionality. To make Rope, the 'Workshop Room' would have device like this to facilitate the manufacture:

[Image: als_rope_maker3.bmp]

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