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My New Idea Creature Mechanic - Assign Squads
Assign Squads

Currently there are suggestions such as Mellow Tonin's Suggestion here and Sebt's and DaW both also have suggestions about equipping creatures that could benefit from the ability to assign creatures into logical groupings.

By being able to build Squads, you could group creatures together so they always share orders. Thus creatures such as orcs who are warrior types would march about the dungeon together, eat together and sleep together if assigned as a squad. This feature could be further refined by enabling the rally flag to be attuned to specific squads, so all warriors don't always all charge to the rally flag, leaving other parts of your dungeon totally undefended.

For worker creatures like Imps, this would enable them to be assigned to task categories as a group rather then 1 at a time, speeding up creature management.

Highlight: Assign creatures to a squad.
Function: Enables setting up permanent groupings for creatures so that those assigned to a group, called a "Squad" will if warriors stay together and do all activities at the same time. Rally flag could be modified to have the option for all warriors to respond, warriors not assigned to any squad, or only specified squads.

Workers could be assigned task categories as a group, saving time and reducing micromanagement.
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