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Feedback/Modification Equipment Mechanic & Construction Idea - Designing Equipment from Blueprints & Racks
Designing Equipment from Blueprints & Racks

Crafting & Equipment
A simple idea how to craft Equipment items like swords, shields, armors and even tools.

Highlight: Gives possibility to craft Equipment that can be used in different forms i. e. as tools, weapons or protection items created in Blacksmith Room.
Function: What can you craft?
- Battle Equipment - used to raise creatures' stats or/and give additional powers, maybe even new creature's skills?
- Work Equipment - used to make creatures' and Imps' work faster or more efficient. To make game more diversified when creature arrives at it's work places it switches it's Battle Equipment (being made in Blacksmith and stored on Battle Racks - which I'll describe later) with Work Equipment (made in Metal Works Room and that taken from Tool Racks or Tools Barrels for Imps - also more info about that later).
Here you have an example of Blacksmith Work Equipment:

[Image: blacksmith_colors.jpg]
Pic.1. Blacksmith Work Equipment wearing by creature in it's work place, include Blacksmith's Gloves, Blacksmith's Ember Protector and Blacksmith's Hammer.

Every creature has it's Inventory that is not showed as some squares in Creature's Card (like in every RPG games), but on creature's 3D model where depending on mouse position on Creature's body in it's Creature's Card Cards what this creature has equipped on.

Equipment is made from different Blueprints that contains different sets of Equipment which has to be design first by creatures working at Drafting Table (about that later) in Blacksmith Room where also there are stored Blueprints in scroll form.
At the beginning of putting a new Blacksmith Room you don't have any Blueprints, however if you build one of the Blacksmith Room Buildings you will get that building specific Blueprints - when you build for example a Weapons Forge, Blueprints with weapons (only) appears as possible to be designed (of course appears like in DK 1 as question marks).
What's more as more evil points you have as better weapon Blueprints will be unlocked to be designed).

Additional Info:
- Some of the creatures can have their own unique Equipment, these if will arrive to your Dungeon unlocks their equipment which can be made for them in Blacksmith, but also other creatures can use them.
- There is a possibility to design - with a low percentage chance - very rare Blueprints, just by accident, they're not much stronger than normal, but contains some usable properties.
- Improved versions of creature's Equipment need certain number of Evil Points to be unlocked.
- Same Blueprints can be found in different places on the map, hidden in Treasure Chests like this:

[Image: 20120323_034606.jpg]
Pic.2. Blueprint hidden in a treasure chest.

Equipping creatures
In Blueprints Menu you can order Equipment items to be made in Blacksmith Room. Blueprints menu is categorized, there is a menu panel which you can choose one of them to create, for example: Weapons Blueprints, next to it is Armor Blueprints then Poleturner's Blueprints and so on.
- When you click once on the Equipment item from one of the Blueprint you send an order to Blacksmith to make one of them.
- If you want equip a creature, go to Creature Menu and chose one, several or a group(s) of creatures you want to equip with Equipment item that was made in Blacksmith. After confirming an order, chosen creature will go to Blacksmith and exchange it's Equipment for a new one.
- If you want to make it faster you can chose one, several or a group(s) of creatures you want to equip with and chose an Equipment item(s) that is possible to make (unlocked and available in Blacksmith) and order to make Equipment item(s) for target creatures.

Examples of Room Buildings for Blacksmith
A very good example of them would be presented by Seriously Unserious taken from this topic:
  • Drafing Table - Stores Blueprints in Scrolls form and allow creatures to work on new, better Blueprints.
  • Poleturner's Workbench - Workers create polearm weapons from wood here from Poleturner's Blueprints.
  • Tailor's Workbench - Produce cloth and leather equipment (including Work Equipment) from Tailor's Blueprints.
  • Armorer's Forge - Produce metal armor from Armorer's Blueprints.
  • Weapons Forge - Produce weapons made with metal from Weapons Blueprints.
  • Fletcher's Workbench - Produce bows.and crossbows from Fletcher's Blueprints.

If we would like to have Metal Works Room and Blacksmith together we could have there additionally:
  • Tool Forge - Produce tools like Blacksmith's Hammer or any improved tools for digging (Pickaxes) or farming (Sickles).

To organize every equipments and distinguish worse from better we could set them as tiers. The idea of this has been presented more-less by DwarvesAtWork in this topic.

ATTENTION! At the start of the game (depending on Map Settings), you will have a Rack with some basic Battle Eqipments, Tool Rack with some basic Work Equipments and Tool Barrel with some basic Tools for Imps, so don't worry about making them.

Racks are equipment storages divided into 2 categories:
- Tool Racks and Barrels- here you can store work tools on Tool Racks (Blacksmith's Gloves, Blacksmith's Ember Protector and Blacksmith's Hammer) and Imp tools in Tool Barrels (Sickles or pickaxes). Can be set only is rooms where tools are required. Can be set only is rooms where tools are required.
- Battle Racks - here you can store any kind of weapons and armors.


[Image: 6918_Armor_Stand.jpg]
Pic.1. Battle Racks.

[Image: medieval-tool-racks-29532633.jpg]
Pic.2. Tool Racks to the left for creatures. Tool Barrel to the right for Imps.

Highlight: Racks are general decoration items that can be placed everywhere and that gives ability to store creatures Equipment on them.
Function: Racks are "store rooms for weapons" where creatures can exchange their Battle Equipment with another or with Tools and Work Suits on Tool Racks or just store them when for example are going to sleep.

Room Type: Room Decoration.
Place: Ground.
Acquired By: Everyone.
Cost: 2 Woods.
Place: Ground.
Made In: Every room can set Weapon & Armor Racks, but where there are needed tools there has to be Tool Racks placed and they cannot be placed in non tools-needing Rooms.

Feedbacks that influence changes in my suggestion thread (skip it if you want):
(21-01-2014, 08:22 AM)Rasmus Wrote: What if we had a general inventory for each creature type. The idea is that a orc for example would prefer a axe over a knife, but if he have nothing else he would pick up the axe. The same goes for bows and staffs and so on, the orc wouldn't like to pick up and use a bow or staff but if nothing else is available he would pick it up and use it. So my idea is that maybe some enemies are weaker towards certain weapons, so the player could put a prioritization list of weapons and armours for certain creature types instead of switching it around for individual creatures.

I can see some real flaws with my idea as well, but I think we need to do something to avoid having the player switch weapons and armours on 15 orcs one by one.

(22-01-2014, 06:57 AM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: To combat the micomanagement issue Rasmus brought up, I'd suggest that the user can define equipment profiles, so for example, if you wanted some orcs to pick up battle axes and fight melee, and others to be archers you could set up 2 different profiles for the orcs, 1 profile where the orcs use the best battle axes and armor available, the other where the orcs use light armor, knives and bows. So this could also add the option of a creature having a secondary equipment that it could swap its primary for, at the cost of a little time, which would also address the issue Mellow brought up of unexpectedly being attacked by an enemy, so you could have creatures set up as a minor profile, where their primary equipment is a pick axe (this could also be designed to be used as an improvised weapon that's not very effective but more effective then fighting with bare hands, and the secondary equipment could be a knife or sword.
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