Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Creature production - Ideas needed!
I'm working at solution for every issues made by actual idea and will present it today including another ways of having/making creatures. Prepare for a long lecture, but I can't shortened it. The first method of making creatures will be that solution, the rest will be only for additional creations, so I'll split it into 2 posts to clarify where will be the end.

What I can say is that EP will be no more needed for making creatures, but still will be needed for unlocking new. Chain Production will be there again applied and Dark Mother still will be needed to make creatures and Eggs will be there too as "creature blueprint" and essences. Big Grin
It's a big mix of our team ideas and your ideas folks for which I'm very thankful because gave me an inspiration, stay tuned!

EDIT: OK folks, I think it's a good time to back on topic and give me 4 minutes. Wink

The problem we encounter in Dwelvers is that all creatures made by us are living beings - they comes from another being which is a Dark Mother - so everything is biological, organic and that need "life elements" to exist, everybody them are made from cells. How to solve it in case of Dwelvers?
All above is about flesh and blood units, some of them would come from Hell like Demons, other could be buried alive, some were made by artisans and from raw materials, some put asleep many years ago... and that just wait for ocassion... could be....... woken up... again.

My new idea, that wasn't discussed with anyone until now is to make creatures from "different things and different buildings and in specified way" ("dtadbaisw" in short...). Than feeding Dark Mother will look different (more disgusting), but we could make her as Incubator (maybe someone would give a better suggestion for it's name?) for flesh and blood creatures that would come from these "dtadbaisw".
I like idea of eggs, essences and I really want to save mechanism of production chain for creatures and, what's more - make traps and prison very useful in another way. I mixed suggestions from different people on our community into THIS ONE. Thanks to you I could made this:

Introduction - how all that works?
- We can make creatures >> ONLY << from live beings like Creatures, Critters/Animals and whatever will exist in game and live (let's call them all LB in short - from Life Beings) and that can be found anywhere on the map.
Imps are not an exception - at the beginning, depending on your Map Settings, certain number Imps are hatched from Imp Eggs in Dark Mother's stomach, then spited out and are ready to work (so you have some of their Eggs at the start already), but if you want more Imps you need to use one of the method that will be presented later.
- If you have a creature(s): Use your creature(s) - fight with LB and leave it with the 1% of it's HP to stun it, then take victim with your creature to the Prison. You can do it with any kind of LB you want.
- If you have NOT any creature(s): Use traps - At the beginning you're able to make few primitive traps with you can catch & wrap the LB - using traps like trap hole or press'n'cage trap after activating their Pressure Pads. Afterward, victim of our madness tricks are being stunned by your Imp and moved into Cages in Prison. ATTENTION! Traps that we can use at the beginning can catch only weak and small LB (later maybe we could make better. Also there is a chance that if stunned before LB wake up it can free itself and then you need to trap it again!
*Trap holes works like that: when victim is trapped it's wrapped by constructs and it tries to free itself, so until it won't free itself you have chance to stun it. Light weight/fast creatures can jump over holes if they're uncovered.
*Press'n'cage works like that: when creature is pressing a pad, it's caught to cage that came from tile below. Can free itself as above, so you need to be fast until cage would lost it's all durability points. Cage be easily destroyed by another creature, so you need to set your traps wisely... especially that trapping don't need from you to harm victims, so sometimes it's good to built traps near Prison and Dark Mother, but sometimes and can be treacherous.

What can we do with our shakin'-pants prisoners?
Before I will say anything about methods of using prisoners - if you want to move a prisoner to convert it into "dtadbaisw" you just need to do right-click on your mouse on prisoner and chose from menu (that appears like any other circle menus in Dwelvers) one of the available option.

ATTENTION! Yes, creatures are no more need to be made from creature's menu, but from circle menus when right-clicking on creature/prisoner it shows available creature(s) to be made. Name and short their description with required items will be shown when you hover mouse on target option in the circle menu. There should be also a "back to previous menu" icon as an additional circle option.

Method 1 - The ever hungry Dark Mother, Blueprint-like Organs and Eggs
- Your sick brain can order your Imps to take prisoner(s) to Dark Mother where will be... eaten... After throwing one to her maw You can hear horrible screams of gobbling the victim, it's bursting like pop corn bones and loud chomp of throwing over victim's meat inside DM's maw.... mmmm, delicious...
- After meal you get one Life Essence (DNA/Soul-like item) and specific to this creature's specie Organs-like thing(s) (you get for example an Orc specie Organ(s) if eaten creature was an Orc, Troll (so an Elf too?), Goblin, Ogre etc.).
*As strong, big, fat, etc. is... was munched LB as more these Organs you can get, however you can get only one Life Essence per one LB.
- Afterward, from Life Essences and Organs, that after DM's lunch are stored in Incubator-like things (Dark Mother's Buildings like THIS?) we can chose from right-click Incubators menu a creature to be made from them - let it be a Green Goblin (an Orc specie/type creature).
*If we store Pigs or Cows we could make Cow-like or Pig-like creatures, but for example if you need Cyclotaur you need first to unlock him having certain number of Evil Points and then sacrifice more Cow Organs than non animal origin creature would need it's specie Organs to be made from required ingredients.
- After confirming a choice, an Imp will get from Blacksmith required to make a Green Goblin proper Equipment items. ATTENTION! At the start of the game (depending on Map Settings), you will have a Rack with some basic Battle Eqipments, Tool Rack with some basic Work Equipments and Tool Barrel with some basic Tools for Imps, so don't worry about that you don't have any Equipment items. What's more first creatures you would make won't have high demands.
- After throwing required Equipment items to DM, she starts to make an Egg (in our case Green Goblin Egg) from Organ(s), Life Essence. You could see how Eggs stored in Incubators are forming and growing.
- Depending on hatching time of the creature we want to make, DM will spit out our new creature when creature in the Egg will start to hatch. She will do it... in a very gentle, known for her way - she spits out disgusting, gelatinous, blob (that was made from Egg and mixed with DM's fluids) with a creature. You can see her mucous around the spitted out creature. Newly made creature lie on the floor (equiped with threw earlier Equipment items), than it try to leave a blob film, get up, brush down from a dribbling mucous and go.
- ATTENTION! Imps cost only Life Essences to make, so you can get some from Animals/Critters that weak one Imps can kill, no traps needed.
- Of course if you caught an Orc you don't need to make from it another Orc, but then you need to have Torture Room unlocked and convert this Orc!

*If we would be enough sick to do that, we can set that DM has hunger meter and if she won't have any units to ear for a longer time she can suck into her maw our own creatures!
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