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I Challenge You! Pimp My Imp
I took a look at the files .. but I suck at graphics .. I can kinda screw things up .. if that is what you want. Otherwise, I leave graphics to people who aren't retarded.

All that said, I have a mission for a brave Graphics Nerd. Nay, I have a contest for any Graphics Nerd. Dwelve into the game files and Pimp My Imp.

A good pimp should have a great hat:
[Image: purple_pimp_hat.jpg]

However, I am not sure if Leopard is better than Zebra:
[Image: lrgscaleAC-9165a.jpg]

No matter what the rest of the outfit needs to match and a good pimp will have a cane .. fo' beatin' off da ho's!
[Image: ECD71721.jpg]
[Image: purple-pimp-costume-fancy-dress-900x900.jpg]
[insert witty text here]

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