My New Idea Creature Mechanic - Grabbing creatures
There have been several discussions and ideas on this sort of thing, including on this exact idea. The Devs have already chosen not to allow grabbing creatures, in favor of more indirect control over them.

There are a couple of ideas suggested for keeping creatures out of dangerous areas you don't want them to go into, one of them is Emergency Alarm

The other involves setting up signs that basically don't allow your creatures to enter an area if you don't want them to, but they can still leave it, this can be done to get them to leave, say, a dangerous cavern filled with powerful enemies that the imps keep running into to claim floor tiles even while you're trying to wall it off, well you get the picture. Rolleyes Anyways this could be done to prevent creatures from entering an area you don't want them to enter and combined with the emergency alarm to get all your creatures back into safe territory and prevent them from leaving that area again until the dangerous cavern could be walled off, with all your creatures on the right side of the wall.

Keep on suggesting ideas though, that's what makes this game better. Smile
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