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Poll: Should there be a useful a horse-like creature? Please explain no matter what your answer :D
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My New Idea Creature Idea - Mole Rat (Pachyderm Workhorse)
Giant Mole Rat

On first encounter with this creature it will be a nuisance! It could tunnel around the level causing walls to collapse and raiding your supplies of antroot. However you could find a nest/burrow or get the ugly Mole Rat really drunk with beer and have it do some faster mining with its huge digging teeth and be a pachyderm to carry lots of items out of an area such as a strip mine. It takes forever to have imps go back and forth gathering, so this would solve that problem to an extent.

It could be paired with a trainer imp of some kind who leads it around and feeds it. This leads me into orcs riding moles -- serving as pachyderms these moles could be ridden by orcs and other characters into battle on top of their hauling and mining capabilities. I think this could be a general workhorse that allows for speeding up many things.

Balancing: to keep things balanced, these giant moles would need to eat a lot so sustaining them would take a fair amount of resources to offset their usefulness some.

[Image: mole-rat_629_600x450.jpg]
Pic.1. Naked Mole Rat Heterocephalus glaber

Highlight: The same as a horse or ox in midieval times
Acquired By: Neutral/Tamable
Cost: 10 Antroot + 3 Beer (to tame)
Attack Form: Melee, headbutt/charge.
Weapon: Head (or helm) and teeth
Armor: Like horse armor, could be made of any material.
Attack Power: Above low unless it has a spiked helm or an orc or other creature riding it.
Defense: Moderate unless armored or ridden by something.
Health Points: Below High, hard to kill due to size.
Attack Speed: Above low.
Movement Speed: High
Resistances: Phys 35%/ Magic 0%
Job: Work Horse (Mining, Riding, Hauling lots of items to the store room, and limited defense)
Entertainment: Drinking Beer, rolling in dirt, burrowing
Required Special Resource: Mole Burrow/Nest
Required Room: Molery/Stable

Potential Abilities:
(P1) Mole Rush - Charge, 2 or more enemies, straight line area of effect, 5 tiles, like a bull charging, sends enemies flying but doesn't do tons of damage
(P2) Bite - Bite, Single Enemy, 1 tile, Giant teeth biting, A bite an shake, tossing the enemy for some additional damage,

Additions? Suggestions? Opinions?
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