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(02-04-2014, 04:06 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: This would be like the creature icons as far as their visibility. So say I select Beer and Gold to track because I'm looking for a certain amount before I train up some Orcs. I would see small icons somewhere on the normal game screen like the creatures icons for both Beer and Gold with their quantity displayed.

Gottya, that is a nice idea Smile But somehow I would like this option to be more accessible more than from the menu, it could get very annoying having to go back and forth in the menu to enable / disable it..

(02-04-2014, 06:36 PM)Sebt Wrote: And that's OK that player can't select more than one unit, you don't need that either when it comes to grouping.
Just select one target unit and click CTRL + 1, then select another creature and then CTRL + 1, now you have 2 units in group 1. Piece of cake.
To recognise which creature belongs to which group there could be for example a small indicator (number of group it belongs to) when hovering on creature.

Sounds great! This should be very simple to implement.

(02-04-2014, 06:36 PM)Sebt Wrote: That's cool idea. Many mmo games has mechanism of tracking items or killing monsters in their quest, but I prefer this from civilization game - I liked very much that I could set a goal for discovering new techs, so I could track easily which technology I need to discover to unlock my goal, so Mello and Rasmus - how about setting a goal for resource(s) that will track items?
This could work like this - resources that are your goal may or not may shown on the screen under the minimap (depending on settings player made for this to show or to not show this), when you reach this amount of resource(s) that was set as goal you'll get a message or icon of set resource(s) will start to glow.

I like the idea of showing the items on the minimap as well Smile

(03-04-2014, 05:03 AM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: First of all, checking whether or not a unit is strong enough to handle a battle before sending it into battle is standard practice and simple common sense. I do that now, I just don't have control over who goes into battle and who doesn't. It's either anyone who just happens to be in the area at the time, or it's send everyone into battle all at once with no regard to defense.

The idea here actually gives the player more control over what a group is made up of. You select a creature type/equipment profile, and assign a number to it. If you only want lightly equipped, fast archers, you'd only assign an equipment profile that matches that, for example, orcs equipped with bows, and leather armor. If you wanted a heavier type of archer, you could assemble a squad of only orcs using heavy crossbows, chainmail and steel helmets, for example, they'd hit harder, but shoot slower and move slower, but due to the heavier armor also take more hits.

I agree, the player would have more control over the groups and what they wear. But the issue is that the player would have to rely on creatures to get equipped correctly. I like the idea, but I have a very strong feeling that the creatures armours and weapons will be pretty scattered, the player will say to the blacksmith to create the specific items but the player will also find other items in treasure chests and more. Also, maybe the player is out of iron and have to create leather armour for the archers but still want them in the same group, this would mean that the player would have to create several equipment profiles for every group. Because of the number of equipment slots and number of items to equip in them there can be hundreds of different equipment configurations.

I like the idea a lot because the groups will refill themselves without the players interference, but I have it really hard to see how this will work smoothly, a lot of creatures will have equipment profiles that don't match the equipment profiles, and creating a new equipment profile for each of these creatures will be very hard work.

One way to solve this is that all creatures that don't belong to a group will be highlighted somehow in the group menu so that the player easily just can drag them to a group.

(03-04-2014, 05:03 AM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: But what if you want a balanced squad? If you can only have 1 type of creature or equipment profile, that's impossible. So if you wanted a squad that consists of some medium infantry (swordsmen), some pikemen and some archers, then you'd just set it up that way, by setting how many of each type you want, say 5 med infantry, 3 pikemen and 4 archers, and that's exactly what that squad would have, when it's at full strength, but if you don't have enough creatures or equipment to fill the squad it may take a little time to recruit more creatures from the DM and equip them. Also, if a squad suffers losses it may be reduced below full strength and need replacements to reinforce it. Squads below full strength could easily be highlighted in a different colour or with a special graphic to make them easy to spot so you could have the opportunity to think twice about sending a weakened squad into a fight. Each squad could also show a unique ID number and could have an optional squad pannel to display all squads, in the same way individual creatures could be displayed. In fact, this could be part of the features of the creatures panel Sebt proposed earlier, with a button to toggle its display between showing creatures by type, equipment profile or squad.

Squads would also create a quick way of assigning a group of creatures to a task or to a room, such as assigning one or more squads to a guard post or setting up a fixed patrol route and assigning 1 or more squads to it.

Once a creature have been assigned to a group he will follow that groups' equipment profile, the problem is that all newly created creatures will follow the creature type equipment profile, which means that the player will have to assign all new creatures to different groups. So what about this? If I trashed the whole creature type equipment profile and only have groups, these groups could assign creatures to themselves according to a percentage the player set. So in one group the player wants ranged orcs and impanzees, then the player can set 100% orcs and 100% impanzees to that group which means that all impanzees and orcs will get auto assigned to that group and follow its equipment profile.

If I understand you correctly this is almost the same as you are purposing with one exception, and that is that the creature gets assigned to the group before they have the equipment. With this idea the player can see how many creatures are in a group, and how close they are to the equipment profile with a percentage value, also, the player could see the medium level value of the creatures in the group.

(03-04-2014, 05:03 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: Yeah Sebt, I like that idea expansion.

As far as squads/grouping goes, I don't know that having another number floating around on them is going to make life easier since they already have the level number floating around on them. Now maybe we could modify the float over the creature so we have something like this:

[Image: GFF3.png]

I like that graphic, but the Squad number will have to be more visible somehow. Maybe the red bar at the bottom could show the creatures happiness (if the are well rested and so on.) Then we could maybe have the group on the right so that we could have a big letter or number.

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