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Brainstorm Construction Mechanic - Bulldozing the landscape or respecting mother nature?
What gives so much good reviews and popularity for DK or Minecraft is ability to do whatever you want in many ways with environment and it's elements - same Dwelvers world (at least underworld) will be maximum "digable" and environment elements will be used for different things, mainly we talk about resources.

Me and Rasmus discussed how Dwelvers would be so much modifiable. ATM Rasmus stayed with not being able to make tunnels, but it's not said this won't be changed.

Also there's need to connect somehow surface world with underworld, in real-time. I found in ANNO 2070 very interesting system of transition between two worlds (underwater and surface) that we could make similar to it maybe. Take a look on this, just scroll up or down or use quick hotkey (skip to 53s):

What's more maybe this thread will inspire you, there had been posted some nice ideas: Game Mechanic - Support Beams & Secret Rooms.

I thought also that some of rocks would require better equipment like reinforced pickaxe or maybe special explosive materials or magic/technology to dig them out (examples of these rocks: Item - Managnetite & Basalt).

Hmm and I though that to reinforce wall or if not, so to built wall you could use a resource that drops from each wall you've dug - well this way the first rule of thermodynamics will be saved, but for resources, so we won't be able to make anything from nothing like bankers make money in our real world... Wink
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