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Brainstorm Construction Mechanic - Bulldozing the landscape or respecting mother nature?
That game looks like fun Sebt. I still play the Anno 1503 game, but I lost interest in the series when 1701 was released. When transitioning between the surface and underground worlds, I figured that we would just be making use of the Knight portals that currently exist. We could have a button as described in this thread posting, that once you explored to one of these portals and claim it, the button would become active and you could then just click on it to transition between the two.

Something which would make this more interesting would be that you would also have to maintain control of the portal in order to use it. This means not only do you have to protect the underworld area around the portal, but also the surface area. This would present an added challenge and would be necessary to maintain in order to receive surface materials.

Along with the messaging system, the portal could blink indicating that the surface area was under attack and as such you would need to send reinforcements immediately. Having a 'Guard Station' near the portal will be a smart strategy to ensure you maintain control and can answer an attack quickly, while keeping your supply lines safe.

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