Game Storage Room - Item Toggle Red/Green Arrow Icons
(17-06-2014, 06:54 AM)TopperHarley Wrote:
(17-06-2014, 02:55 AM)Rasmus Wrote: I would say that it has to do with prioritizing and work load. If you assign more imps to the storage room will they shift the resources faster then?

Yes this has solved my issue.
I hope it gets better after these ideas:-) Brainstorm - Speed up the imps

My minions are pretty lazyCool

Actually I think there is another issue involved here as well, something that I implemented to lessen the load on the cpu, but I did it wrong.. When the camera isn't over the imps they will become a little more lazy, this is not what I intended. This should only work on neutral creatures that only do tasks for the purpose of visual candy.

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