Feedback/Modification Room Mechanic - Rooms. Do we need them?
OK, then I see this situation:
We have many Rooms, but limited amount of idle Imps (luckily they're cheap and you could make them more, but it's always possible there won't be enough resources available to make more Imps), we have resources, but some Rooms could be more important for us to create items from, so we set priorities to which room Imps should go first - as higher has Room its priority % as it is higher in queue and its always serviced first before Rooms placed lower in queue. That's what I previously understand, but maybe I should be more clear in showing that when proposing my idea regarding to Excess, because I see issues with prioritizing by % or numbers.

The issue:
Imagine that you have 20 Rooms, 3 of them uses iron in production and/or you would need iron for placing some items/decorations.
If you set too lower priority for Rooms that requires iron there's chance that their production will not be doing continuously or even none at all if you have not enough Imps, possible that none of Imps would built item/decoration (unless Imps had always priority lvl of making items/decorations set higher).

The only issue could be that you have enough Imps, but Rooms placed higher in queue could need materials more frequent then placed lower - for example, we have one idle Imp. One Room to keep efficiency enough good for us would require to supply it with materials by 12 seconds, Rooms lower in hierarchy could require 16 seconds - it's possible that after 12 seconds game will send Imp to supply higher in queue Room, so if Imp won't deliver quickly enough needed resource to Room that needs 12s - Room that requires more time would need to wait much more longer for him. That's solvable only by building Rooms closer to Imps or just by making more Imps.

So what I proposed is the way to prioritize delivering resources to first Room that need to be supplied with resources at the moment. That's how queue is automatically being made for whole group of Idle Imps. If you don't want some Rooms to produce anything or if you want to keep production going in all Rooms, but in certain more you could instead of using resources for other buildings just put needless to sleep like in Anno games, so resources wouldn't be used by other Rooms, but Rooms that you want to produce more from the same type of resource. If you have enough Imps and enough resources I don't see need to prioritize Rooms manually too, because everything will produce goods with 100% efficiency - if player could set priorities you could break whole production chain in dungeon.

If you want to keep the production chain of specific Rooms that one is needed for other and that other for another you could just set one Imp that has servicing whole that chain and stays there and wait for needed resources from suppliers.

If I missed something post it here. Wink
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