Feedback/Modification Room Mechanic - Rooms. Do we need them?
I'm also looking to have things like construction also have adjustable priority. As I've said before, I had a game where my DM got killed off because I stumbled across an impanzee lair too early in the game while looking for gold (in 0.6x versions) and when I saw my orcs were starting to get overwhelmed, I tried to have my imps build walls to seal that part of the dungeon off, but couldn't get them to do it in time, they kept running off to every other task but building those walls. By the time they were finally ready to start building the walls, it was too late, the impanzees were into the main dungeon and DM area and those walls were moot. Had I been able to set the priority of building wall, doors, etc to a high enough level that the imps would do that right away, that never would have happened, there was probably about a 3-5 minute lag between when I saw my orcs were in trouble and ordered those walls built and when the impanzees got passed where the imps were supposed to build those walls. If I remember correctly, the tasks the imps were doing at the time insread of building those walls were things like working the farms, carrying items around and stuff like that.
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