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Dwelvers Journal 2013.10.03 - Alpha v0.5c now released

Its downloadable at

I've also added a Game Manual topic here:

I post the announcement on my website as soon as I have a video made, and also checked so that there are no immediate bugs that needs to be taken care of. So feel free to try it out Smile

Bugfixes since alpha v0.5
  • Imps stop working, this is an issue I addressed in the section above. But it seems to be so common I will have to prioritise it as a bug.
  • If pressing ALT+Enter while the game is loading or in the intro will cause the screen to go black and not load the menu.
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  • When playing in windowed mode, switching between other active windows may cause the game windows to go black but UI features still visible.
  • The Dark Dwarfs are switching between going to the bar and the rally flag.
  • It is possible to get a negative value in the creature menu, this can happen when a creature is killed.
  • Depending on the location and direction you can only build one bridge at a time (In dev mode).
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Issues fixed since alpha v0.5
  • If an imp have built the wall there is always a chance that he will end up on the wrong side of it once it is finished.
  • The doors can still be built everywhere, never gets destroyed and let enemies in.
  • There can be a frame-rate decrease if you dig out many tiles and don't create any storage rooms, or if there are many creatures fighting each other in a big room.
  • Sometimes the Dwarfs or the Impanzees just stand there getting beaten up.
  • Impanzees can be loose in the Dark Mother room from start. Solve this by just generate a new map.
  • Generate new level doesn't reset the cameras position to the Dark Mother.
  • Two sets of numbers are shown in the items menu.
  • When hovering over a tile in the fog of war you can see what's there thanks to the text in the top of the screen.
  • The roots grow to much.
  • Enemy health bars are visible through fog of war.
  • Fog of war is totally squared if it is above water and the adjacent tile is visible.
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Suggestions added since alpha v0.5 (all not shown here)
  • Lights add automatically as the imps claims new paths and walls, but still sell-able.
  • Room decoration button shows up in the centre of the circle right-click menu.
  • Home Key - Hotkey for quick moving the camera to Dark Mother's location.
  • Adding Load and Save to menu for being able to test game more efficient.
  • Thinking time for the imps before they decide to take on a new job.
  • Roots/Rocks requires a second digging, while digging still be automatically.
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