Feedback/Modification Creature Mechanics - Of torches, claiming terrain and game pacing
I see - where is the light there is safe until enemy won't noticed that. Hmm then we would need to implement Darkness/Lightness factor, this would really makes underworld nooks look dangerous - but that what is adventure about, right? Especially that if you played DK and always expected enemies coming for you after you dig out the hole in the outer walls - seeing that no one comes... when you would go deeper... you could be surprised. Smile

I wonder than how deep could Imps dig down because this is also fast way to get into the darkness, light from torch or Imps fear of darkness should be balanced enough to not cause player to built torches too often. Torches would need to be built also vertically on the floor otherwise Imps couldn't go through centers of these big areas.

Player would also be need to have enough sources of light to discover at least 85% of entire map size.

Hmm, I imagine a living walking torch, a creature that gives the light from fire of its body or light from staff (if you haven't resources this would be essential to have one) to your scared Imps to allow them walk through dark, deep corridors with illusion of safety, where just one wrong step could provide you terrific screams of dozens bloodsuckers that can come for you in 2 seconds... well, never mind. Smile

Anyway, still there would be need something to stop allowing Imps to go through places where you want them to not walk through. If you dig out to enemy's lair and there will be the light Imps could end their live, well, very quickly if you let them claiming enemy tiles. How your idea could help with this?
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