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Brainstorm Room Mechanic - Things to do with prisoners
i got some ideas but nothing comleate enough for one of the templates so i thought i would open a brainstorm instead

here is the thread where i mentioned some of it before:

- interrogation
an imp goes into the prison hits one prisoner over the head to incapacitate him or in case of a big creature mybe imps climb ontop of each other todo the same and drag the prisoner to an interrogation room ( chair with cuffs for the prisoner , table , chair for the interrogator either a new creature or an imp , and a bright lamp to blind the prisoner )
the result could be nothing , a revield position on the map ( a chest or entrance to something maybe ) , a new room you could not get otherwhise , a weapon armor for manufacturing , maybe even a research incase something like that is included at some point
maybe throw in a reference to a well known crime show like an imp narrating the hole process simmilar to tom selleck narrating magnum pi

- torture
a prisoner is brought to a torture chamber either for the amusement of some of your creatures of to level them up

- sparring
send em to an arena to fight against your creatures to level them and maybe provide entertainment for visitors

- brainwashing
they are brought to a room where they are bombarded with propaganda until they believe in your goals
brainwashed creatures would not act smart but would follow every command

- corruption
the creature would be fed to the dark mother witch would throw them up after some time with a somewhat purple or at least darker skin
the resulting creature would have other stats and more free will then the brainwashed one

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