Poll: How should in Dwelvers look diversification of jobs?
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Imps do everything, Creatures are only for military use.
1 3.33%
Imps are only suppliers, Creatures are only manufacturers and fighters.
7 23.33%
Creatures and Imps can do the same jobs - not all of course, but some could do this, some that (so we don't have division for Imps and Creatures, all are the one workgroup).
11 36.67%
Imps are doing the most of jobs, but some Creatures could help them with some jobs too
11 36.67%
Total 30 vote(s) 100%
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Brainstorm Choose which creatures should do what in Dwelvers?
Now I imagine impanzees speaking like very proper sounding butlers, between random fits of chimp like wails. Oh, and on a side note, Piggehs should totally speak like gruff, lower class Brits. Ello' Gov'ner!
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