Solved & Confirmed 0.7e - Can only lock doors with the rotate option
[Image: 0wGSgll.jpg]

Left clicking on the doors does nothing, where previously it would lock it. You have to use the rotate option for it to lock the door with chains and padlock.

Probably something to do with moving the rotate option from the left-click to it's own button. Must have carried the locking behavior with it or something?
Added to list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes. +2 for report. Smile
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The locking feature of doors is a old one actually, and it is directly connected to rotating buildings, therefore it only locks now when the rotation option is enabled. I will make it as before so that the player can click on the door directly.
Solved with the next version!
This is solved, now you can just click to lock/unlock.
Thank you Smile

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