Universum: War Front - FPS in RTS with RPG elements in full 3D world
Universum: War Front Kickstarter Trailer:

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sta...-one-space (funded successfully a half year ago)

Just take a look, great looking game, but what I don't like is to make RTS game again 80% action, 10% building, 10% economy, so nothing special it is, but I like very much how they connect different genres into the one game.
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This game looks awesome! I don't know about it being 80% action, 10% building, 10% economy though. It sounds as if you could focus on upgrading individual soldiers and mechs so maybe he plans on having a scenario like in WarCraft III where you had hero characters that you leveled up in the scenario chain. I don't know of another game like this where you can take control in FPS mode to fight. That seemed really cool especially with the Combat Mech/Flight Mech transformer.

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