RestOne :)
Hey guys and girls!

I'm RestOne, or as usual Rest-One, but hey there's no "-" allowed, so what should I do^^
Maybe you just call me Dustin Smile

I'm 20 years old and from Germany.
I'm studying "business informatics", I really don't like that translation, but the internet won't serve anything better... For the interested, in german it's called "Wirtschaftsinformatik".

I never really was into Dungeon Keeper, mainly because of my age I think. But i discovered Dwelvers over reddit, where someone linked the download to the 0.4 version, i think. And after that i was hooked and love the game! I still can't wait for all the new stuff to come Wink

So i guess thats it, hmmm...
Feel free to ask^^

Greetings Dustin!
Welcome aboard our small but growing ship man! Glad to have ya! I am the local professor of things here. Tongue Also the tutorial guy, as well as just a random nerd lol.
As far as your translation complaint goes. I do believe business information, might be the word you are looking for?
Anyhow glad to have ya here! Feel free to throw me a shout if ya need anything! I would be glad to help ya out with whatever questions or concerns you may have. Smile
Hi and welcome to our dungeons!
Yes, more studies sounds not very lucky or even weird, but you know, they do it for money not especially knowing how to manage it. Wink

Hope for some fresh ideas, good bug hunting and well, thanks for supporting us on this stage of development! Smile
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Hi Dustin and welcome/willkommen to the forum.

Nice to see another person in the forum coming from a german speaking country. Now we are three....(....try to take over the world!)Dodgy

Oh "business informatics", this is really a crap name.:-)
At the present time, each job must have an cool trendy english name...A high five on globalizationCool

I think its a must for you to play the Dungeon Keeper.
Otherwise, i would call education gap.Tongue

So, feel free to ask everything here in the forum or as PN.

Cheerios und viel Spass hier im Forum und mit dem Spiel.
Welcome Dustin Smile
So then you have been lurking here for some time I figure Tongue I am glad you finally dropped by to say hello Smile

Yeah, don't get started on trying to translate certain words to English, the result sometimes sounds so wrong... I don't know if it is just because I never heard it in a English sentence. "business informatics" is probably something that is being studied outside of Germany as well, so maybe it is the right translation, who knows?
When I think of Informatics this generally refers to using data from a company or group of partnered companies, be it financial, inventory, social data points, or any of the numerous ways we can assign data points from the operation of a business to transform it into useful analysis. This is always reliant upon a good DB Admin or DB administration team depending on the scope of the data being analyzed as well as competent software development which is able to integrate LoB apps with this database because this information needs to be collected automatically. Informatic is merely a combination of the words information and automatic.

That was a mouthful, so now I will say Welcome To The Group! It's a shame you missed out on DK growing up, and like Topper said, you really should look into it. Remembering that the game was made in the late 90's, the graphics are not near as good as today's standard, but what it lacks in graphics, it makes up for it in gameplay. In fact, it is a game I still break out these days from time to time. I would wager that anyone who has developed a DK style game has played DK either 1, 2, or both, and really that is the standard that all Dungeon Management games are held to. You should go check it out on GoG. It's a really small investment, for loads of fun!
I've got DK Gold from gog, but never really got into it. I know shame on me Smile
Trying to catch up on it, after my exams^^
Yeah man, priorities! School definitely trumps gaming, but just remember the old adage 'All work and no play, makes Jack go crazy and try and kill his family with an axe' (There's a movie reference there).
I already started too late, i think I'm fine Big Grin

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