My New Idea Mix - My List of Ideas
Hi there, I had a few ideas since I've started playing the game and I thought today since it was a slow morning I'd like to share with you guys everything on my mind.

(1) Minimap - Mechanics
As I was playing the game quite frequently would I dig so far out in one direction or the other that things became a little confusing and hard to navigate. I know the map is already a medium-small size so a minimap is more a luxury than anything, but if I were to have a minimap in the game it would also be nice to have the option to minimize it so that none of my vision is obscured except when I need it least - while looking at the minimap.

(2) Task Queuing - Mechanics
I think it would be nice if there were a production queue menu that opens up when you click on an imp twice, or when you right click the menu has an icon in the middle for the imp (similarly to how a particular room's build menu opens). All it would do is show you what the imp has planned, but it could also allow you to assign individual imps to specific jobs by clicking on a plus sign in an empty space on the queue and then an unfinished task somewhere in your dungeon, a feature which may come in handy in certain situations.

(3) Blacksmith/Smithy - Rooms
Just as there is a separate room to serve the beer you brew in a different room from a resource you gather in yet another different room, so I find should the metalworking also behave. If you're wondering what the purpose of a blacksmith would be, I have to ask if you've ever played Overlord or its sequels. In Overlord you can equip minions that follow you around with random items you find throughout your travels. The idea I had in mind was, for the imps, better tools that let them work faster and armor that increases their survivability. Maybe even as you kit your units out, they lose movespeed until you research how to produce items of a higher grade material (stronger + lighter). Your expired equipment can be recycled and the resources spent reused. The smithy idea can apply to pretty much every unit, too!

(4) Wizardly Character - Creatures
A wizard that can cast the same spells you can, only weaker and less frequently. Similarly to how I had pictured the task queuing system, the wizard can be assigned spells that can help boost productivity or turn them into powerful but squishy combatants, making them versatile yet valuable. I imagine wizard production would require resource processing to keep them from being too cheap, so you'd need to make things like magic staves and runes for their spells from an arcane table (that requires a large amount of gold and stone to be built). The staves could work in a way such as they empower certain spells, certain types of spells, or can substitute runes with their magical energies stored in runestones at the head of the staff; better yet, a combination of the three! Footnote: mage might be a better name.

(5) Motivation Meter - Mechanics
I saw this mentioned in the list of already suggested ideas, and I wanted to elaborate a bit. I do quite like the idea of imps having to be motivated, and would really enjoy seeing this IMPlemented because it adds an entire aspect to the game of maintaining your assets instead of, right now, digging around and killing impanzees. Providing things like food, sleep, recreation, and decorations (also mentioned already) are a few examples of elements that could be used to maintain and improve your workforce's productivity.

(6) Spur - Spell
Spur is a spell that gives a boost of speed to your workers that is independent of other factors that might affect them. Essentially, Spur would put imps in a certain area at 'max work speed', an integer similar to the max movespeed in games like DotA 2 or Team Fortress 2, for a very short duration. Motivation (as mentioned in #5) still has an effect on the general speed of the imps, but let's say the max work speed in-game is 1000 and your imps' current work speed is 100. Obviously, using spur would have a drastic increase in productivity, so to balance it out the duration would be very very short (2-3 seconds). Now, let's say that in a separate scenario your imps' current work speed is 500. When you use Spur, the change is still monumental, but not as much as it was when the current work speed was 100. To balance this out, the duration increases from 2-3 seconds to 10-15, where the duration and increase of work speed are directly related. Spur, in and of itself, would be a whole new strategic aspect to the game as players are left to choose when it would be most effective to use Spur.

(7) Smite - Spell
Smite is a spell that, plain and simply, can be used to attack a unit, either friend or foe. Smite, if used on an enemy, deals a set amount of damage without necessarily killing them, but scares them and their allies away for a short period. If used on an imp, other imps near the area of the first one you smote down would suddenly become motivated to work harder, thus increasing productivity in a short radius. I think it would be funny if when you used smite on a friendly fighter they look at you and wave their weapon in the air angrily but otherwise were not affected.

(8) Rain - Spell
Rain is a spell used to produce water in an area. Obviously, at this point there really is only one function for this spell (to water crops) but I'm sure that over time there will be enough going on with the game that the ability to call down water over an area for a duration would be pretty nice. This idea is much more speculative than the others.

(9) Wizardry - Constructions/Rooms
I've already spoken a bit about wizards and their functionality, so let me now discuss the production of wizardesque features. A room, first and foremost, with arcanic inscriptions along the walls and floor to give it a truly magical look (something like teal carvings that glow in the shape of an ancient-looking runic language, possibly even just something that makes a picture, and I'd even go so far as to consider teal borders and edging ideal for the room's look). As for the structures, a Stavery to build staves from, a sacrificial-type area to turn imps into an inanimate resource used in various things (but in this example, runes), a Rune Table to make runes and fit staves with rune's augmentations, and an arcane table to make magical stones and whatnot from (magical stones needed to make runes).

(10) Runes - Items/Mechanics
Already mentioned many times in (4) and (9), runes allow an NPC called the wizard to cast spells just as the player can, only much weaker and much less frequently. On top of spells, however, I see many plausible applications for runes in-game. The existence of runes can basically double how many resources there are currently in the game - to make a rune, take a magical stone (mentioned in (4) and (9) again) to the rune table along with whatever resource you would like to make a rune of. For instance, let's say that the spell 'Spur' (6) requires one Imp Rune to be casted by a wizard. Well, to make an imp rune, take a magical stone to the Rune Table along with an imp and infuse the two to create a single Imp Rune! Runes can also be used to imbue equipment, tools, and resources, to increase their potency.

(11) Menu Hotkeys - Mechanics
A very simple idea, I'd really like to see hotkeys for opening the various menus (creature, item, etc.). I don't really have a lot to say about this idea.. I think one sentence sums it up pretty well.

(12) Researching - Mechanics
Research has most definitely been considered already for the game, but I wanted to introduce some aspects I had thought would work well. I have mentioned in the unit upgrading mechanic, and wanted to also mention a research mechanic that couples well with it! In researching things that might increase productivity, what if there was a basic, free option that incrementally increased the productivity of units in a specific room type based on how many imps you had trained in that particular type of room? This idea got me REALLY excited.

PLEASE REMEMBER that all the ideas I've mentioned in this list are purely speculation and in no way do I expect them to be implemented. These are ideas that I've only thought about long enough to get them typed out, so if they sound bad or unnecessary... they probably are.

I'll update this list when I can come up with some more ideas!
(2) - production quene depends on Imp priorities, additional menu could really slows action and You have to run for every creature and catch them to use it, (4) staves - that looks interesting, a weapon that could give more powers to creature, (3) and (1), is already planned, (11) is already in game. (5) seems to be that You want something to be rather than suggestion. Tongue
The rest I will add to Ideas & Game Features list, but if You would like to make an idea please write about it as more as You can in detail and in separate threads. Wink
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