Brainstorm Room Mechanic - Removing the imp assignment from the rooms
My idea here is simple, the game already knows if a room has high workload or not. So it could be handled automatically by the game! There is no need to force the player to manually assign or remove imps from the room.

What I am trying to do here is to minimize the micromanagement of the rooms as much as possible. The less time the player has to spend in one room configuring things back and forth the better. Dwelvers will have enough features in the end to keep the player occupied without he or she having to calibrate something that could be handled by the game automatically.

There have also been a lot of talk about having specific creatures work in specific rooms. The first step towards this is to include the piggeh and have him work in the cookery room. When this is finished all the player has to worry about is if he has enough Piggeh to handle the cookery room workload.
Uhmmm, yeah, I can see it working. I can't think of anything that would not benefit from this.

Now, regarding the piggeh... you want to put him in charge of food? Yoou sure that's a good idea? What's next, an orc running a tavern? Or perhaps a cyclotaur in charge of room layout? Tongue
Oh, Orcs running the tavern, good idea! If they are not happy they will drink all the beer or the Piggeh eat all the food Tongue

Maybe I am being a little stereotypical here, but in my experience tavern owners usually have some previous experience with drinking beer, and chefs with eating food Smile
I like the idea, of putting different creatures in different "jobs". There should be enough possibilies to find something for everyone^^
The Fishman, what a surprise, could go fishing, and so on Smile
That's are a great idea and i like this!! please implement :-)
That's what I proposed before (but I feel my ideas are rarely reading...), so I like the idea of having this system automatically managing workload, especially that imagine having 30 rooms and annoying messages that like a machine gun pop ups each second.

I'm also with that to not store resources on the ground, but to carry them straight into the storage place (shelves in kitchen, shelves/tables in storage room, like now food on tables, but let it make for every room) - there's no need to have imps that only work in storage room if are fast enough to store resources by themselves, it's a waste of free workers - especially if we can't have many of them, we can have limited number of creatures, etc.
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I personally don't mind micro management in games like this, but having the Imps assigned automatically may make more sense. I can see this becoming a problem however if you don't have enough Imps and the priority to assign them to rooms is higher than the priority of mining/constructing/feeding_DM. This could easily cause a workflow stoppage if Imps get assigned to rooms and none are left to do other jobs.
(21-07-2014, 05:59 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: This could easily cause a workflow stoppage if Imps get assigned to rooms and none are left to do other jobs.

This shouldn't be an issue if all jobs are treated as equal. This way you would never have a job running good and another completely stopped. You would have 2 jobs being done inefficiently, which could pop a general work overload message prompting you to build more imps (which should be abso-fucking-lutely priority over anything else).

Or, we could discuss again the idea off having 4/5 different job pre-sets (exploring - constructing - fighting - producing - balanced) which would balance the workload to some areas over other.
with this change i would like to see workload setup, eg. you could set 0-100%(default would be 100) workload to the room (one or all of the same type or all of them) and imps would be assigned based on that, so you keep the control over imp management without keeping eye on every single one of them

i dont mind creatures working in the rooms, but only as better/faster workers (way of improving the room without expanding it), while keeping them as fighters in time of need, imps should stay main workforce for all basic rooms, different story if you add some special rooms, not crucial to dungeon economy, to be operated by unique creatures
Hi David, welcome to the forum Smile

So if I understand you correctly you would like the workers assignment to rooms to be percentage based? I can't say that this will be the case in the next version, the amount of workers assigned to rooms will depend on how much work the room is generated. And imps will be produced automatically by the DM if more room workers are needed. I know some player controlled management will go away with this. But I would like to try it out at least Smile

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