Solved & Confirmed 0.7e - Crash after hit F1 in ceature menu
When I press the F1 Button in the creatures Screen, the game will crash.

[Image: Dwelvers2014-07-2111-27-28-1923ccd7.jpg]

Now hit F1 and the game piss off.
I can do this again and again. It is not an isolated case

This would not have happened if the Main Menu is accessed via Esc :-)
Big Grin

I have a crash report added

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.txt   DwelversCrash114-6-21-11-26-9.txt (Size: 17,97 KB / Downloads: 1)
Thank you! Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
This one is solved. I noticed it myself when trying out the esc key instead of the F1 key Wink
Yes this one is solved. The only thing causing a crash now in the Equipment Window is when you try to change equipment, but that has been reported already.
Thank you Smile

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