Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Replacing Leveling System with Research & Development System
I don't think it would be a matter of 1 really good character and 79 that suck. Right now we have a pretty limited number of options for buildings, crafting, and creatures so as more options become available you can make a more diverse and efficient group so you won't need so many Imps to get things done. This will make it possible to focus a skillset in certain creature(s) that either benefit from or are more efficient at a particular task.

By the computer selecting the creature with the highest skill to do a job, you will be able to cap like you said, but it could just as easily then say that once 100% is reached they would be unassigned, and the next highest skill holder will take their place. This would allow for the option of interdisciplinary bonuses which I think would be a good idea. A 'Jack of all Trades' could retain skills longer when not performing those tasks and perform other tasks even better than if they had 100% in that skill only.
Hmm, when I play games I like to have all the characters best at everything, that is why I often never go to attack in DK unless all the creatures are at max level. I think several people are like me when it comes to this, maybe just have a general option for the player that will affect the way all creatures train their skills?
Yeah, I like to train fully then wipe the opposition, but at the same time, there are a lot of people who also like to attack while building up their base. Whatever becomes of this it should be useful to both play styles.
(15-08-2014, 11:27 AM)Rasmus Wrote: But one think I wouldn't like is if the player would assign certain creatures to certain rooms to train individual creatures skills, this would be too much micro management. It will either be random, or that the creatures will swap jobs so that they all try to keep the same skill level, or that the creatures with the highest skill in a certain job always will be prioritized to take that job. I vote for the last one.

Removing the levels: This is not something I am prepared to do just yet. Once the skills has been implemented we will see, I would prefer to have the levels co-exist with the skills so that the player easily can see how far upgraded a creature is without having to look at individual skills.

Yea, that could be too much micromanagement...

OK, let's talk about that all as it can be explained shortly... Dodgy

We need to know all about final skill system.
I assume each new creature would have bigger of lesser potential to gain and train certain skill faster, other slower, for example in Dungeon Keeper Troll has Manufacturing rate = 4, but research 0; Bile Demon then has first = 3, but research = 1 which in our case would mean that BD is able to learn skill Research and train it (slower in comparison to Sorcerer that has Research skill = 4), but Troll is unable to learn research and train it at all.
So I think skills that are about jobs in rooms could be auto learned and then skilled during making jobs. Some could train certain skills faster, some slower.
I'm sure that will hell much bound player to certain creatures. Wink

If we speak about battle skills - it depends if we will have skill tree or not. If we will, certain things could make creature able to get certain skills faster - like I proposed equipment that - if one for example say - equipped raises owner's attack rate - it will make creature attack stats increasing faster during training or fight wearing this kind of equipment. So if certain creature skill unlocks when creature reach certain attack value creatures wearing attack-rate-increasing equipment will get this skill faster - it's not gained only when you reach certain lvl, but depends on equipment. So you can think someone looks weak, but surprisingly has unlocked deadly skill and sorry Huston, we have a problem! Big Grin

That's why I see level system much more challenging. Seeing Dark Mistress in DK 1 with 6th lvl I always know that she can fight with powerful Lighting spell and I can always prepare in the same way for her, nothing can surprise me from her.

Oh and Rasmus how can you tell by level how strong creature is? What skills it knows if in game creatures could learn them different and wear different equipment? I think only when you know that Orc has 16 attack wearing this and having those stats. It's like in rpg game - you have the same class and lvl, but surprisingly your opponent is much stronger - maybe have better eq, have better assigned stats or unlock higher levels of the same skills as you (so went differently in it's skill tree)?

Knowing numbers of certain skills, not levels is telling more, isn't it? You don't have number above your head for a reason then. Nature don't like leveling system, but better with training system, that's why I called it Research & Development system. Big Grin

Player will need to calculate possible winning or lose by predicting what skills opponent has unlocked, what stats and look at equipment it wear... Hmm we can make like in Heroes 3 or Civilization 5 - something that tells if you have high or low chance to kill one with selected your creature, but that's a story for another thread and there are fans and enemies of that system...
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