Stelgim's Late Introduction
A bit late but here it is!

Hello everyone!

I'm called Stelgim, or "Stel", and I'm a 25 year old male from Norway.

Ever since I was young, I loved the "Evil Dungeon / Lair" type of games, like Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2, as well as Evil Genius in the later years.

If I remember correctly, on the DK2 game, it had a trailer for Dungeon Keeper 3, so I got very sad when I found out it was abandoned.

Ever since I found this, I was so excited about all the possibilities that could happen - a bit strange it was to not have a Portal, but the micro-management
and the industry-like changes is very interesting and new to me, which had me hooked the moment I saw the first few videos!

Apart from that, I am a Let's Player on YouTube, and an editor for a medium-sized Twitch-channel.

Hope we get along nicely! Smile
Hello and welcome to the forum! (again. Big Grin)

I hope You would like to make more Dwelvers gameplays and tell people about the game as much as You can.

I enjoyed Your work on Dwelvers Gameplay and I hope I would see them more. Also I will surely check for another Your movies. Smile
Have You got something about Dungeon Keeper on twitchtv or YouTube? Any other DMG?

Thanks for supporting Dwelvers!
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I didn't know you were from Norway, hello neighbour Tongue
Yeah, I agree with Sebt, loved your videos. Not only that you play the game well and advertise it in a good way, but also because I can easily see when something needs fixing. There is nothing that gives me better feedback than watching others play the game Smile

So keep up the good work, and thank you once again for your will to spread the game Smile
Thank you Big Grin

Yes!, I intend to make at least one video each patch, or at least the ones I get time to make a video Smile

I used to play Dungeon Keeper on my own, not streamed it or put on YouTube yet, but I have streamed the game "Dungeons" on Twitch once.
But total I own;
- Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2, Dungeons, Dwelvers and Evil Genius, if that one counts Smile

Thanks for the video feedback Smile, it's entertaining to play even with only two minions, as I can imagine all the good stuff that is about to come in the future Big Grin

Will keep making videos, and link them to the website - to those interested in the game, me myself I enjoy minion-managing games where I am the Evil lord / master.
Hal-lo, I'm a bit late too getting around to saying hey, and welcome. Been really busy the past couple of days, so I'm finally getting caught up with what's been goin on in the forum. I noticed you had a video posted in one of your threads, so I'm gonna try and check it out later today if I can. The more exposure this game gets the better!

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