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I was wondering if this is by design or if it is a bug. I have noticed that when my Orcs fall in combat, get rested, and then return to battle that they have different equipment, and sometimes aren't holding a weapon. So is this they way it is supposed to work?
Ya I've noticed similar. Can't confirm they were defeated but after a fight I notice that they have different equipment on. I first noticed it after equipping all my orcs in bone armour then noticed a couple had changed to leather. I just assumed that armour breaks after so much damage but it could be this issue.. or it could be me being crazy, who knows Tongue
It is by design, if a creature fall his equipment will drop to the ground. Maybe this should be clearer by adding some effects like having the items fly up in the air and then fall to the ground.
I see. It appears my Imps quickly requisitioned my Bone Armors and I know that eventually equipping creatures is going to change, so hopefully this means that creatures like Imps couldn't wear that type of equipment so they won't just go swipe somebody's armor. In reality I think I would rather their armor just take damage instead of dropping it. After too many falls, you would need to rebuild new armor or have it repaired.
i noticed this too, in particular when i load my save.

my theory :
imps took advantage of the large amount of beer drunk by the orcs to steal their armor Big Grin
I like that theory, I think I'm gonna go with that one.
I will attend to the equipment system in upcoming versions, and it will be a lot smoother then Smile

We have started several topics about how the equipment system should work, and the only thing that is prohibiting me from adding auto equipping is the need for a squad system. Once we got a smooth enough idea for that, I will attend to this matter.

I am leaning more and more towards having the player just select a bunch of creatures and use the keyboard numbers to assign them to a squad. Then that the player will assign equipment to creature types instead of individual creatures, maybe we could make it so that the player can assign several equipments to the same creature type, then let the creatures themselves make sure that the balance is uphold. What I don't want is for the player to choose individual creatures equipment, it will be to much micro management.
Yeah I agree. It would be silly to have to equip them individually. Well, I was just curious. I didn't really consider this a bug as you said the equipment system is going to get some more development.
(05-08-2014, 04:04 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: Yeah I agree. It would be silly to have to equip them individually.

That depends on the volume really; right now there is not much use for more than 10 Orcs.
I usually assign virtual jobs to each Orc depending on the availability of armor/weapons. For example, I tend to distribute bone armors and shields so each creature has at least one of them. Also, just or fun, if an Orc uses a shield I give them a sword, but if they don't have shield I give them and Axe, which eventually may require both hands to be used. Or perhaps allowing the orcs to use 2 spike gauntlets or 2 wolverine claws, that would be fierce. I would even accept an Orc with two shields, who wouldn't hit but could push enemies into corners or tall ledges Big Grin
Sometimes it's fun to fill some holes with your imagination, it gets you more involved with the game.

But yeah, fuck assigning leather armor to 70 imps.
Actually, shields can be a deadly weapon. One of the Spartan's deadliest weapons was actually that big round shield of theirs, that thing could break bones, and deliver deadly head shots. That's in addition to making the Spartan warrior almost impossible to hit.

So a shield could have a damage capability associated with it. 2 shields though? That could be funny to see some silly creature running around with 2 shields. 2 swords though, that has potential, sacrifice the option of holding a shield, take a small penalty on both weapons to gain 2 attacks, that would be a great option.
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I would like to have an option to equip creatures individually, but also equip groups or species, why not to just make it for one, even if rarely could be used? Wink Some missions could rely on single creatures, that option could be useful there too as just making it for fun or to check on 1 or 2 creatures if certain equipment set could be useful more or less on that kind of creature. Also remember creatures will have abilities, would be great if each creature could have skill tree where each skill is automatically assigned depending on creature's stats. More I described here: Getting rid of Leveling System and replacing it with Research & Development System.

I proposed to use numerical keys for calling groups and Ctrl + number key to create groups, I found that very practical in games like Tzar or Warcraft. Player will use squads or move creatures very often, so there's need to make fast response system to call and group creatures. The only problem here could be limit because you have 10 numbers available - so max 10 squads could be made... think for yourself if that would be enough, IMO it always been in other games.

Oh and if it comes to flying items - take a look (and listen to) like in Diablo items jumps when dropped. Big Grin
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Yeah, I was thinking of Diablo too when saying flying items Tongue

Ctrl+Number is a good way to organize squads. But first I need to make it possible for the player to select several creatures at once.

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