Brainstorm Room Mechanic - I wanna give the DM room inifitive storage
Hmm. I see your point Rasmus, I just see no more use for storage rooms like placing them where production chain couldn't run at 100% efficiency - actually everything around Dark Mother could work without any interruption, imps are fast and to produce one thing few seconds has to past, sooo... you can make really big dungeon without building any of storage rooms, but if this is something you don't want to make more difficult for players I can understand why you want to have DM's storage capacity infinite.

Well I still don't like DM's infinite storage, rather I'm with it to make Dark Mother no more capable to store goods... yes, DM's no more a storage. What else then?
Let's have mobile storages that imps could take with themselves and that could be unloaded/loaded to storage shelves or tables in storage rooms.
So that storage cart could appear at beginning of the map full of resources which after building first storage constructions could be unloaded. Like ship transportation system in Anno - you load a ship then in newly created yard you unload everything to there. This cart could of course store some newly dug goods too. It also could help with building any new mining or gathering place where you actually need just to exploit and leave - this is what in DK mainly left - empty treasures that was used for gold you dug out in 5 minutes and the same fast has been emptied...

You said at beginning people complained about transporting all goods to storage rooms, well what if player could be able to unload all with one quick step, so unload a cart? We use them in trade.
You may ask - how then to move these carts? Each one has it's own flag which you can put everywhere on the map you have access to. After placing flag imp is called to cart and then placed at the cart point flag. After that imp is freed.
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I like that idea better then infinite storage in the DM room.

In the beginning I got on just fine with no storage in the DM room and could do so again. I really only find the DM storage a convenience for the first few minutes or so, until I have a chance to build a real store room. IMO the main difficulty here isn't with the game's settings but with the documentation. I've had lack of storage grind my production lines to a halt, but I've also learned how to implement strategies to avoid that issue, and haven't had any storage capacity related issues with my production chains. I think you should see how it goes with the Prof's tutorial videos first before rushing to make more major changes to the system.

The DM storage does need optimization to find the best level that provided enough storage to prevent early stoppages, but not so much that it makes the game too easy even at the hardest difficulty levels. That's why I'm also suggesting trying with the DM storage capacity being tied to the game's difficulty level, so users who are new can get extra (or infinite) capacity by choosing the easiest level, while veterans who don't want infinite capacity can just choose a harder level. That shallows the learning curve for new players and keeps it challenging for the vetrans who want a challenge in this area.
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To me it seems like many of you think that the game will become to easy if the DM storage room gets unlimited storage. From all the videos I have seen the player always makes more than one storage room because it will increase their production speed when the workers don't have to run to far. If it was the case that the player only needed one storage room then he would have built one really large one directly from start and no other storage rooms. But this is never the case. Giving the DM room unlimited storage will only make it easier for the player the first 15 minutes of game, then after that he will face the same difficulty as before when the DM room had limited storage.

There have been a lot of bug reports about the imps just standing still, this is because we force the player to unlink the DM room from the rest of the dungeon as much as possible, and if he don't know how to do that he will think the game is broken.

There will be a lot of challenges in making a good production chain, but I really don't think the headquarter should be the biggest challenge.

I am not sure I want penalty for storing items with the DM either, this is off the same reason that I don't want the headquarter to be an obstacle. Giving the DM unlimited storage will also help the player get rid of those huge amount of items that sometimes build up.
Well it wouldn't hurt to incorporate this option, and see how it plays out.
True, well, we will have to see how this works out. If the game becomes to easy, then we will have to come up with another solution. What I am worried about is that having item loss in the dm room would require the player to manage what items goes in and out of the DM room, and that could be too much micro management, especially if the dm room is like any storage room, then items would be stored there unless the player specifically says that a item should be stored.
Ha ha, I think we should talk while testing then it's easier to think about alternatives knowing issues in practice not only theory. Big Grin
Yea, for this we need a time and hands that will implement that.

The idea if unlimited storage would really help with fast building the dungeon at the beginning, especially helpful in multiplayer play.
However building bigger storage means that you need to spent resources to build it bigger, having DM with unlimited storage means you have infinity for no cost, what's more DM is not so huge to hoard so much items.

Oh and Rasmus. How idea of unlimited storage will solve problem of further moving required resources from DM to place far away where resources are not in nearest storages, but only in her? This is problem you mentioned as first in this thread, how can this be solved? Secret hydraulic pipe system that connects all storages together or maybe carts would be enough? What? :p
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