Game TS and or IRC?
So is anyone interested in getting a teamspeak and or IRC running for this community? I know us "important" people. Use Skype to keep in touch. Which we likely would continue to do, just because we talk about top secret secrets. Tongue
But an IRC and TS might be a fun place to hang out with the other guys in the community and chat a bit.

(for those less learned in the interweb slangs and acronyms.
TS == teamspeak
IRC == internet relay chat [basically a chat room])

So would these things be of interest to any of you? I can run a teamspeak for us, and easily set up an IRC. Just don't want to go to all the effort if nobody has any interest in them.
Well IMO real time communication software can bring many interesting discussions without need to post comments or threads. I think made in jQuery with html 5 elements could work really nice. I think I could make one when more people would like to use it, many of us here log in to forum in different times. Anyway that would be a nice form of livestream too if any video streaming could apply to chat. I unfortunately have little knowledge about TSes and chats, so maybe if someone would like to suggest one or options that ts or irc would have just post them. Smile
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I'd love to see a chat room set up when we have more members. ATM this community is still quite small and there aren't more then 1 member online at a time as it is, but I see that changing real soon, with the Steam release.
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