Brainstorm Room Mechanic - Rooms, do we need to build them?
I came up with another idea related to Rooms, do we need them?. What if the player had the option to build, say a storage table directly on the claimed path, and not having to build the room underneath. But once the table is built the room will be built automatically below it and surrounding it.

So the rooms themselves will increase and decrease depending on what buildings the player build.

First build a storage table on a claimed path:


Then the storage room will be auto built underneath it:


Then build another table and the room will expand around that one as well:


If a third table is built next to a wall the room will only expand where it can be built normally:


If the wall is destroyed and claimed, then the room will expand automatically:


If a table is sold then the room will decrease:


If a bed a built next to the storage room the bedroom will only expand over the non-storageroom-area:


This is only some brainstorming, nothing that will be implemented in the next version, but I wanted to put it out there and get your opinions Smile
Sorry, not feelin this one man. I like the idea of like what you said you place a storage table and it generates the room area, but I would still want to fill in the spaces that are left with that room's tiles.
Hmm, yeah, that is one issue...
Uhm... I'm not quite convinced either.

I enjoy giving the rooms strange shapes, or combining 2 rooms on one space in weird ways (like farming and cooking). I like figuring out which are the minimum possible number of tiles I can get away with and still have the rooms being functional.
Some buildings need adjacent tiles to function, like the baking table for example, but that adjacent tile doesn't have to be necessarily a cookery room tile, or even a room tile at all. I exploit that to have functional buildings in the bare minimum space.

If this where to be implemented, it would hinder greatly the possibilities of combining rooms into new a creative ways.

What I would love to have would be more decorative, but functional, options. For example, I wouldn't mind having a countertop door...

[Image: QaNLqcP.jpg]

...which only the bartender could use. Or some weapon racks in the metal workshop, where the warriors would go exchange their current weapon for a better one. Or perhaps, now that we have cart-pulling imps, we could have beer barrels filled at the cookery (if you build the barrel decoration) and delivered to the bar room, which would save the imps a lot of traveling time, by not having to carry 32 individual beer mugs.

But all of this are details that can come later once the important stuff is defined.

Anyway, I went of the tangent there, back to automatic rooms.
The thing was to remove room floors and leave only room buildings, they're still here and I agree with what Mello said.
IMO room floors serves only as decoration, but also creates a one complex of devices, but in other hand - player will look for devices not floors, because these have no usable function... maybe we could make them usable? I.e. in Forge like room floor could transport water or lava to built on devices (even connected to source from where could pump fluids), in training room floor could move dummies or other room buildings - so you can arrange them or make training harder.

I'm also thinking about having storage rooms possible to built in certain room - you don't need so to built separate storage room, but storage room buildings be able to built in room (which in each room could have different appearances). So floors could be needed only when needed, which you can improve something.

BTW about racks - I proposed to built them anywhere you want without need to built special room floors for them.
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i think this would caus problems for players like myself who rerly use stone walls

i think it would work better if it would create 0 ( bedroom ) 1 ( storage table , cookery stuff and many others ) or
2 ( mill , smelter ) additional floor tiles depending on what the building needs ( would be good if you could rotate those tiles with the building when you build )
I'm not really feeling this idea either. The plus side is it cold be convenient to lay down a building and have the room built automatically, but on the minus side, it could get annoying when placing buildings and having room tiles automatically place in an unwanted area and then having to sell them off to get rid of them, or worse yet, having no control over them and having to sell wanted buildings off just to get rid of unwanted room tiles.
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Yea, would be great to just put Room Tiles separately then Room Widgets (it seems it is the correct name for Room Buildings), room tiles to fit shape we made digging walls should somehow auto fill up that place with tiles, which could be too hard to make.

I'm with to have RTs as functional thing like I described earlier, because actually except that RTs connects all RWs together and are made for decorative purpose I see no more of their functions - and actually each RW works independently from any other RWs. This way we could have more kind of tiles of the same Room too, why not?
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
So this idea got turned down completely and will NOT be implemented! Tongue

Well, it was just brainstorming, the reason for it was that I wanted to make the room building more simple. But as I know from all your screenshoots you like to design your own rooms and not have the computer do it for you Wink
We could always add this to the infamous, infinitely large options menus... Tongue
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Hehe, but I don't want it to become infamous Tongue

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