Greetings and salutations
Hi Everyone,

You wont believe that I just heard about Dwelvers less than 2 hours ago. A family does cut into my game time these days, but in a good way. Tongue
Been following the War for the Overworld development, but just can't commit money to them, for quite some time. Been waiting 15 years to relive the excitement of dungeon mayhem. Smile

Spent an hour watching the trailers from the various release versions and reading up as best I could on Dwelvers. Really impressed at what I've seen come out from such a small team. But what sold it for me was then going and reading through the forums, Rasmus you are doing community engagement right. Open and frank discussions around the development and community, and people were nice about it. Almost shocking compared to what I have to read on some forums these days. So here have my $15 and I wish you the best of luck in getting through the next phase of the development cycle.

Will be a lurking for the most part on the forums as I tend to just read and process but will try and get involved if I can.

Howdy Gus! Glad you could join us. Rasmus is actually the core developer of this game; it's his baby. He does get really involved in the forums, and that's something we all appreciate here. We all like to have fun here and so far we have a really respectable group of folks, so even when we disagree on a suggestion or anything else posted here, it's not a bunch of 'LOUD NOISES' in reply. We have a lot of people too that just read the forums and don't get too involved in the discussions, which is fine too, but the more engaged we are, the better the game will be so don't be afraid to speak out.

I've been following the WftO game too, and while I did go ahead and pre-order, I still spend more time with Dwelvers and this community because I just haven't been able to get into the game play of WftO (just seems really rigid & the pace of development seems lax with the number of people they have working on it). I'm hoping the game once fully developed will bring me back to the days of Dungeon Keeper.

While Dwelvers does have some elements of DK, it really is a different platform not only because of the 3D aspect, but also this is more a Dungeon Management game. DK was really just an RTS game set in an underground dungeon environment with very little in the way of management besides making sure you had enough gold to build/train/retain units or rooms.
Hi Gus, Welcome to the forum!

Thank you for supporting the development! I am glad to hear that you have such an interest in Dwelvers Smile Yeah, I do believe honesty and sharing as much information as possible at the forum is the way to get the best response and the best feedback. I know I can be better at it, but usually it depends on what phase the development is in. Right now I believe the activity is a little low at the forum mostly because I have been a little slow with the news updates and also that the new version is coming very soon with new features that can't be discussed by other in detailed until they have been tested.

I hope to get some feedback from you when the new version is release, more feedback makes a better game. There are a lot of features in Dwelvers that has been changed because of people complaining about them, it is easy as an developer to get an objective view of the game his is developing, and that is why your opinions are so important!
Hello and welcome to our dungeons Gus. Smile

Of course Rasmus is always open for any conversation, that won't change, but if will, don't hesitate to write about that change ha ha. Big Grin
Best PR (company/person image/name) is building by doing and listening and answering to feedbacks. Actually best PR is where there's no PR, well we're not known very well to public so we can still find a time to reply anyone, hope later that won't change. Smile

Thanks for support, have fun! Awaiting for some feedbacks from you. Wink
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Thanks guys, appreciate the warm welcome.

Rasmus you doing a bang up job all round. Got the download of 0.8c running right now. Cant wait.

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