I Challenge You! Find bugs and win a free copy of Dwelvers
Find bugs and win a free copy of Dwelvers

Version 0.8b is now out and v0.8c is on the way. I want the 0.8c version to be the last version released before the Steam release and therefore the more intensive bug-testing the better.

As I know it requires a lot of work to search for bugs and report them and so on I have decided to reward those of you that find the time to help me with this Smile

The price

Right now we have an offer that if you pre-order Dwelvers before the Steam release you will get THREE FREE STEAM KEYS. If you win a free copy here you will become a pre-orderer and therefore get the same offer.

  • All bug reports must be posted here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=19
  • Duplicate bug-reports will not count, please check this topic to see what has already been reported: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1076
  • Three newly reported bugs since the 0.7b release will give you an free copy of Dwelvers.
  • One member can only win one copy from this game. (Copies that has been paid for doesn't count as a won copy.)
  • For a bug report to count it also needs to be confirmed by me as a bug. Therefore it is important to describe the bug as thoroughly as possible.
  • De-confirming a bug as solved will be counted as a "half point" while finding a new bug will count as "one point", three points gives you a free copy of Dwelvers. Bugs that needs confirmation can be found here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1076
  • As the game is still in alpha there are some minor things that are unfinished, and an unfinished feature will not count as a bug.

Download demo

The demo is exactly as the full version with the limitations that you can't save or load any game and can't play it more than 1 hour. I know that those of you that already own the game will have a advantage, but I also think that 1 hour of gameplay should reveal some bugs.

---- Let the games begin ----
This may not seem fair to all of you, because I know many of the long time members have helped so much in the past reporting bugs. And that the reward for this should be only be based on a very limited amount of time. I will make sure that those of you that have helped me in the past with finding bugs also will get a thank you Smile
Version 0.8c has been released and the challenge has ended!

There were 12 bugs reported, 7 of them was reported by Ardilor Smile
I would also like to thank vision, Kehlar and Burtis for your bug reports!
And a special thank to Mello Tonin for his bug reports and confirming solved bugs faster than ever before Tongue

Once again, before the steam release I will also show my appreciation to all of the hardcore forum members that have helped with with the development since start!

For you that don't know it I also announced this challenge on reddit, facebook and twitter, hopefully we got some new members by this. I thought it would be fun, I haven't gotten any feedback on this challenge so I don't know if it has contributed with anything, your opinion is valuable for me Smile
You're welcome man. I'm just happy to help, but it doesn't hurt your cause to sweetin the pot. Nice work Ardilor finding a majority of the bugs in 0.8b! Thanks to everyone who joined in trying to find bugs and help get Dwelvers closer to being Steam ready!

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