Solved & Confirmed 0.8b - Video Performance
I'm getting this a lot now that I've been playing a while:

[Image: KiC7.png]

You don't really notice much more than a flicker on the screen, but since I'm Alt+Tabbing back and forth between the forum and game I noticed this. I'm using a Radeon R7 260X card with 2GB DDR5 so I don't think this should be happening.
Hmm, it may be that Dwelvers uses up a lot of graphic memory, but it shouldn't be that much I think...
Anyone knows any tools out there that can look into how much graphic memory a program uses?

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
This is a windows thing I doubt you could solve it. I tend to get it if I have too much open when playing a game (like my 26 browser tabs Tongue ). not sure what the trigger limit is but probably I'm sure it's a combination of CPU/GPU/Memory usage percentages that triggers it. I've had it on new/old, big/small games and to be fair it's frustrating as hell. If Rasmus can find the trigger that would be wonderful but from what i've found while trying to disable it there isn't much hope Sad

I do hope i'm wrong though Big Grin

P.S. reading over my post here it sounds really negative, it's not meant to be but I can't think of any other way to explain my experiences with this error
I have had issues like these before when playing old games that lower the resolution and color to 16 bit. But never when playing new games.
Yeah, and see I was playing on a system with 16GB of RAM, a 4GHz i7 CPU, and a 2GB video card and the only other thing I had open was the forum so I doubt I was low on resources. I guess we'll see what happens on the next patch.
What annoys me is that you didn't have these issues before, I must have done something wrong somewhere it seems. Do this behaviour come up in windowed mode as well, and in fullscreen mode in different resolutions?
I can try that switching resolutions and also using Windowed mode. I usually play in Full Screen. That coupled with the fact this is a brand new computer so I would expect some differences between this and my old trusty gaming computer. That thing was about 6 years old, but it was rock solid and really hadn't had any hardware driver changes in over 2 years.
Yeah, I don't blame your computer, I blame my own code Wink
Ok so, by chance I came across this again today, but this time I think I know what's happening. This apparently is only happening when I leave the menu open for long periods of time. The music will cycle (and I didn't count how many) and after it restarts and plays for a bit, the screen flashes and I notice the alert from Windows. After a period of time (several seconds) the game menu pops back up, music starts playing back where it stopped, and it repeats this behavior on each loop.

Perhaps the fix to the 'ogg file bug' has a clue?
Okay, so with the next version I will make it so that the music will be completely turned off and not looped when toggle the music off from the options menu. If the problem goes away with this then we can confirm that the music is the issue.
I know this one isn't solved, but I will put it as solved with the next version as I need a follow-up on it after the changes I made.
So far I've been playing for about 4 hours and have yet to see this pop up (which it should've a long time ago if it was going to), even after excavating a huge area on game speed 9, so I would say whatever was causing the issue with this before has been fixed.
And this is with sound?
Yup sound too is fine. Thanks.
Thank you Smile

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