False Alarm 0.8b - Broken Link to DM
So I normally have 2 storage rooms, one for building and crafting items and the other for food stuffs for the Bar Room. I noticed that my food stuffs storage was linked to my building/crafting storage so I tried to link it back to the DM. Click the link to view the video:

I think this is because you have created a perfect angle between the flags. If I am not wrong it looks like the flag in the DM room is in perfect alignment between the flags of the two storage rooms Tongue
Wouldn't you know I'd miss something simple like that. Once I moved the DM flag I could see the link. I was actually adding then removing the link apparently and just couldn't see it because of how it was lining up. I guess you can't link two storage rooms in the first place.
Hehe, I had to watch it a couple of times myself to be sure Big Grin
Well, at least you have shown me that the "chain ends" needs to be more visible!

Marked as false alarm

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