Already reported 0.8b - Antroot getting red
After moving cursor on block, some small antroot get red. It's only visual and doesn't affect the game.
[Image: 2q363as.jpg]
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Solved with the next version. The color is related to this issue:
New version released, but needs confirmation from the players that it really has been solved Smile
[Image: ounu5t.jpg]
Not solved yet.
I checked this on 0.8f and the same thing happens. Are they really supposed to be yellow coming out of the ground, or is this a problem with shading that is making them appear red until they get tall enough?
They should be a little redder when they first come out, and then get more and more yellow as the grow.

I thought the issue here was the the color changed when the cursor hovered it, maybe it is just a misunderstanding :S
I will put this one as already reported here:

It is the same issue!

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