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Just curious. Are you going to direct bug posts to Steam or Dwelvers website once you release to Steam? Cause I know the Steam community doesn't fancy going to other forums to check on stuff.
Well, what I know about steam forum is that it is rather limited in comparing to this forum. So I will need to keep the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes here non the less. I am sure that people will post bugs they find on steam forum, so it is all a matter of copy pasting them into this forum and then make a link to it here. Then they will get feedback on the bug they reported and its current status here. I don't want to force people to come here if they want to post bugs, but I want to show them the benefits of coming here Smile
Even our Ideas & Game Features list was created to gather all ideas on our sources (however we don't have any from outside the forum yet now Big Grin). The most important is to keep always one place to store the same data, so even if someone spotted a bug, but is not registered here, but on Steam will see if his/her bug is already reported or not, everything in one place will eliminate problem of double reporting (assuming that one is reading the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes always before post a thread...). Smile
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Another question along this topic is, going forward will we still be testing new versions via the website before it is updated on Steam, or will new versions just go to Steam and bug reports handled as usual?
Every time I upload a version to steam I will upload one to the website as well, it isn't that much extra work Smile

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