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I'm starting this post during v0.8c, but honestly I've only ran through the tutorial once before and that was right after it was first made. Considering the upcoming Steam release (and yeah I know this is kinda last minute), I think the Tutorial needs a reboot.

I came across several things that I thought were wrong or just don't work. To start off, once you build the Bed Room and start to build the Imp bed you discover there's not enough Rope to complete it. You can find it easy enough, but someone new to the game may not know they need to dig to find Rope. I think all the materials you'll need should be stocked already for the Tutorial.

Next was the order of construction. I don't think it's a good idea to go from Bed Room to the Bar Room without building the support rooms first. Instead of building the Cookery first, the Farm Room should be built as it supports the Cookery. Otherwise you may get alerts about a slow production chain.

If you dig to the north of the DM looking for materials, you come across enemies before you even have the basic structures built, creatures needed, and the Rally Flag introduced. When you get to that point the Rally Flag is only mentioned, but not described how to use or how to get to it.

During the Farm Room building phase, it skips forward without requiring you to complete the Mill.

When asked to figure out for yourself camera movement, it doesn't take in to account other means of moving the camera like scrolling to the edge of the screen, and it is only on the third attempt to run the tutorial am I directed to use the middle mouse button to tilt. I think that was only because I rushed forward through some steps this time.

And finally when you do start combat, the enemy groups are too clumped together which draws you across all the map to the doors where the 'Humans' are. These guys are level 4, and without training your gonna become meatloaf.

So, I was thinking about putting together an outline to restructure the tutorial. I will find a map seed that is perfect for running through the basics, where the ultimate goal is to claim the Maze. Also, I don't think there needs to be all the different game type options for the Tutorial like Creative, Easy, Normal...It should really just be the Tutorial which launches when you click on it.

Outline is about 90% done, had some company come over so I had to take a break. I'll finish this up in the morning and post. I think you guys'll like what I got put together.
Outline is done, just need to reduce the size of the file before posting. I think it will still have to be a link because right now it is around 80MB.
This is very true! I know this is a crucial part of the game and should be solved before the steam release. I will look into it and see if I get some time over to fix it before then.

+3 to you Smile
I think I may be able to make your life a bit easier. I found a map seed that provides a perfect environment for a tutorial. I've got the outline complete, images just now compressed. Just need to collate and upload.

Ok, got it finished. This was based on the 30622 map seed. I was thinking that if you direct the digging and construction to build room/object and dig in areas preset as highlighted, that will keep people digging and building in the preset areas for the most part. Most tutorials function this way, and usually prevent you from digging, building or moving in areas outside of what the tutorial instructs. Also the map will need to be preseeded with all the materials needed for building all the structures so people don't need to dig to find the materials used in the tutorial for construction.

Here is the link to my tutorial outline.
Nice work Mello! +3
Added to Ideas & Game Features list.
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Thanks man. I had fun putting that one together.
Okay, so now I am working on making the tutorial as similar as the one you showed Wink

Really good work Mello! You have saved me a lot of time!
You're welcome!

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